We mainly sell Ippon Gear, but you can also come to us for judogi and sports articles from other brands, such as Adidas, Nihon-sport, Bauerfeind, ...
Ippon Gear is our first choice. Ippon Gear judogi are 
beautiful, they fit well and you can order a different size of pants.

All-in service

We personalise your GI!
We will place your club logo, sponsor logo and backnumber on your judogi in the right place.
If necessary, we will order a new backnumber for you.
If necessary, we wash your suit before placing the emblems on it. So that it certainly no longer shrinks.
That's why it's best to buy your GI at Asitah judogishop!

Competitive prices and fast service

We can ship judo suit with back number and logos on it within 8 working days. We sent Judo suits in stock within 1 working day. We ship only in Europe.
We use soft prices and when you purchase a white and blue judogi (duo pack promotion) you always get a 10% discount.
Shipping costs are 7,5 euros in Belgium and the Netherlands. Other European countries: 10 to 20 euro.
Pick up is of course also possible.
Apart from our combination deals, we have special conditions for clubs.