1. We can order your back number and sew it on your judosuit:

We can order your backnumber! (this takes 8 workdays)

Size 21x22cm (untill size 130) or size 34x35 cm or size 39x38cm(adults).

2 possibilities: with clublogo or ijf backnumber with countrycode.

2. We can place your countryflag on your judogi:

At this moment availlable: Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Czech Republic.

Other countries possible, email us!

The size of the flad is: 4 op 5 cm.

We place it on the front (left).

3. If you have a clublogo, we can sew it on your suit:

Asitah judogishop makes your suit complete with your club logo. Send us your club logo and we will place it on your suit on the right place!

4. We can wash your suit so it wont shrink anymore:

Washing and drying your Ippon Gear judo suit:

- wash judo suit at 60 degrees

- in dryer

this option is best taken if you have a backnumber placed by us so that the judo suit no longer shrinks afterwards

5. If you buy an Adidas judosuit and want different emblems on the shoulders:

Wil je toch nog dat iets extra? 

Kies dan voor een speciale kleur schouderlabel: wit, groen, Belgische vlag, blauw/rood, rood/geel/zwart

Deze prijs is inclusief vervanging van de schouderlabels.